“Never, in any of the antique shops in London, Zurich, Paris or in the Asian capitals, have I found such quality as I did in Kandahar’s warehouses”.
It is with these words that Reinhold Messner presents the book “Kandahar, story of a passion”, attesting to the excellence and emphasizing the spirit with which the company called Kandahar has worked over the years.

The publication summarizes and celebrates the more than 40 years that Andrea Gracis and his wife Marina have been working with antiques. It is the story of an unending journey towards the discovery of the East that began in 1970 and that over the years become a commercial activity of recognized success.

The book unfolds through pictures of objects, evocative landscapes, intense faces of women, children and men, ethnic groups that have now almost disappeared, the path that Kandahar has travelled with natural and growing passion.
The items of furniture collected and photographed accompany us on a journey towards the discovery of the nomadic and mountain peoples of the Ararat mountains, Hindu Kush, Karakoram and the Himalayas. The book is also enriched by maxims by Hermann Hesse, the Dalai Lama, Buddha, Marcel Proust and other historical figures.

“Kandahar, story of a passion” approaches these unknown and thousand-year old worlds with a rare sensitivity and authenticity, turning them into a living museum and making them available to all lovers of oriental cultures.
The book was curated by Susanna Da Cortà. Part of the proceeds from sales are donated to the Messner Mountain Foundation.

The price of the book is 10 € (including postage).
The book is available in the Messner Mountain Museum shop or to order.

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