Tibet has become the symbol of everything that contemporary man aspires to, either because it was lost, or because it still has not been understood, or again because it runs the risk of disappearing from the story of mankind. Tibet symbolises the stability of a tradition that sinks its roots not only in a historical or cultural past, but in the most intimate being of man, in the depth of whom this past is held like an ever-present source of inspiration. Not only: what is happening in Tibet is symbolical of humanity’s destiny. As though on a huge stage, we watch the battle between two worlds that, based on the spectator’s point of view, can be interpreted as the fight between past and future, backwardness and progress, faith and science, superstition and knowledge, or as the battle between spiritual freedom and material power, between the wisdom of the heart and the knowledge of the intellect, between the dignity of the human individual and the herd instinct of the masses.

Lama Anagarika Govinda

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